The NICS Crossover System is designed and built to the highest safety standards and in conformance with requirements contained in the RSSB rulebook.

The product, which has been configured for ease of operation, lifts an approaching train by 50mm whilst supporting the train’s weight.  The train is then turned from the parent track with precise alignment before lowering onto an adjacent track.

The mobility of NICS means that it can be installed where and when it is needed.  This ensures that rail disruption is kept to the absolute minimum.

NICS helps save you time and money.  NICS can be used to form “runarounds” to keep the engineering traffic circulating within allocated repair and renewal work sections.

In addition to its use for engineering track renewals and repairs, NICS can be used as a temporary siding for main line access.  This is ideally suited for high volume freight carriage such as timber.


  • Significantly reduces rail infrastructure costs.
  • Minimises disruption to rail traffic.
  • Increases work productivity during possession.
  • Reduces the risk of project over-run and possession delays.
  • Significantly improves work to possession ratios.
  • Is easy to install and decomission.
  • Has no impact on signalling systems.
  • Makes temporary sidings low cost.
  • Adheres to International Safety Standards.
  • Contributes substantially to sustainability and environmental benefits and…