NICS novel design consists of:

  • a support system of beams and sleepers.
  • a superstructure of hinged plates, rails and ramps.

Once the support system is in place, the NICS superstructure can be laid onto the support system when needed and brought into use easily and quickly.

The support system of NICS when installed is totally non-obstructive and seamless.  On a typical renewal project track possession would be taken over a number of weeks with the NICS support system being left in place.

The system is available with left hand and right hand turnouts.  These can be used as facing or trailing crossovers.  Features of NICS include:

  • Ramp to lift the train up
  • Switch plates to turn the train out from the existing railway.
  • Gut rails (standard rail between the switch and crossing plates) which continue to turn the train away from existing line.
  • Crossing plates allowing the train to cross the existing line onto the other
  • Second set of gut rails which turn the train towards the other line.
  • Additional switch plates that finally re-align the train with the other line.
  • Another pair of ramps lower the train back down to the other track.

NICS is designed to be installed once and then used as often as required during a project – which may be months or weeks.

At the end of the possession NICS can be locked from use or removed and secured by the lineside, eliminating any risk of delays or even vandalism.  The line is then open to traffic.